‣Youth under 18 are more responsive to the Gospel than adults by a margin of 4 to 1

‣In our current digital age, youth prefer learning through more visual content and fewer words

‣Thousands are responding to the Good News through The Story of Jesus Christ in 1/3 of all nations

The Story of Jesus Christ

God is calling you to win your nation’s youth to Christ, but HOW will you do it?

Is God calling you to share
The Story of Jesus Christ
with the next generation?

A David C Cook and 4/14 Movement Resource to Win Your Nation’s Youth to Christ

‣Tell the story with colorful pictures and minimal text

‣Customize the content according to your nation’s unique culture and language

‣Present an age-appropriate, interactive call to your youth to follow Jesus

‣Work through your local churches to win ALL of your nation’s youth to Christ

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